Reflection: Virtual World

This week’s lesson was primarily about virtual world.  I had the pleasure of downloading this on my Mac Pro. I ran into some issues downloading this but I was able to get this resolved. I learned how to create an account, select an avatar character and edit my selection. I also learned how to take a snap shot of the avatar and how to send an email. Navigating around the Second Life took some adjusting too. I kept bumming into objects and was stocked a few times. I explored adjusting the camera setting, zooming in and out. I enjoyed going to the various destinations. I must say it was quite interesting. I noticed there were background music playing when I visited Hawaii. Even though virtual world hasn’t reached its peak, I think there’s still hope. 

There were a few good points made by Johnny Lee. We carry computing power with us everyday not realizing it for example, credit cards, and car keys. These things have processing chip in them. This is very true. All technologies are mainly used to capture the users intent. They provide some information of what the user is doing or what they are thinking. Yet it does not come for free.

The video by Mary Meeker had some intriguing statics. She mentioned that 81% of Internet users are outside of the United States. One would think that US would be among the top country of people using the internet. The number of social networkers today has increased compared to the number of people that used the Internet. Mobile applications and advertising revenue is at 12 billion. Mary predicts that your ears might be the next big thing as it relates to technology. Headphones are getting better noise cancellation, they are portable and sound recognition has improved. Furthermore, sound will be bigger than video. The world is more connected than it has ever being. This is really good because people can connect with families and friends all over the world.



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