Safeguard your phone, help protect your identity


I read an article regarding the importance of protecting your smart phone. It had some good information and tips. I thought i’ll share. According to the article stealing someone’s phone could be a bigger jackpot than stealing someone’s wallet.  When our phones became “smart,” thieves got smarter too. Below are the following things that were suggested to do that can help protect yourself.

  • Start by using the security measures built on to your phone. Use the lock feature with a personal identification number (PIN) to make access more difficult.
  • Shield the phone keypad like you would an ATM pad when entering personal information or accessing online apps. Log out of applications when you are finished.
  • Make sure you backup information regularly to your computer or to online.
  • Consider installing a tracking app that could help locate it with GPS
  • Turn off your phone when you aren’t using it.
  • Talk to your phone representative about additional products and services that are unique to your phone for added protection.
  • Permanently remove personal and sensitive information.

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