I learned this week the definition of a blog, the number of people that blogged are college graduate and blogging has had a positive impact on some bloggers personal live . A blog in a nutshell is a diary. It is a thought or idea expressed by an individual to the public on the web.  The video by David Sifry was quite interesting.  He made an excellent point regarding people no longer feel powerless anymore. In the past, if people did not agree with something with the media, they would scream at the TV and not able to voice their opinion. With technology, people are able to blog  about things they are passionate about and connect with liked mind people. I was amazed that the number of people that blog are college graduate. After reading this, it actually made sense. Its wonderful that women bloggers influences mainstream media and brands. I intend to implement what I have learned by blogging and sharing the information to others.


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